Ambient Edge Participates in St. Baldrick’s Head-Shaving Event

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For Immediate Release March 4, 2017   Ambient Edge Participates in St. Baldrick’s Head-Shaving Event at McMullan’s Irish Pub in Las Vegas to Support Childhood Cancer Research LAS VEGAS, NV, March 4, 2017  – Ambient Edge Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Inc., one of Henderson’s fastest growing HVAC services companies, participated in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation shave event at McMullan’s Irish … Read More

Ambient Edge Receives Excellence Award from Lennox Industries

jstevensonPress Releases

For Immediate Release March 2, 2017 Ambient Edge Receives Excellence Award from Lennox Industries Las Vegas, NV, March 2, 2017  – Ambient Edge Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Inc., with locations in Kingman, Arizona and Henderson, Nevada recently received the Partner of Year Award from Lennox Industries, an international heating and air conditioning equipment manufacturer. Mike Hart, Lennox’ Vice President of … Read More

Whole Home Ventilation Systems: Which One is Best for Your Home?


Whole home ventilation systems work to keep the air in your home fresh, but they do much more. Find out everything you need to know about different types of whole-home ventilators, including how they’re particularly helpful for tightly insulated homes. Explore these Whole Home Ventilation Systems Exhaust Ventilation Systems These systems are designed to push stale air out of your home, exhaust-only … Read More

Water Heater Replacement 5 Systems for Your Home

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Water Heater replacement Options! Is it time to replace your water heater? You might be tempted to replace your water heater with the exact same model. But did you know that you can consider several smart water heater replacement options for your home? Here are five water heater types for you to explore. Aim to find one with the ideal balance of … Read More

Laughlin IAQ: 3 Common Causes of Coughing and What to Do


Laughlin IAQ - indoor air quality causes for coughing

Minor coughs can crop up for dozens of reasons, from a dusty garage to a short-term cold. However, a lingering cough may have you more concerned. Long-term coughs aren’t at all uncommon and can stem from many things in the Laughlin, Nevada, area. Though you should speak with your doctor to rule out more serious issues, indoor air quality (IAQ) … Read More

Can You Save Money by Upgrading Your Heating System?


upgrading your heating system

If your heating system is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s time to start budgeting for a new furnace or heat pump. While a new heating system is certainly an investment, this purchase might not be as pricey as you think. Find out how Henderson, Nevada, homeowners can save with a heating system upgrade. Eliminate Your Space Heating Needs … Read More

Should You Turn Off Your HVAC System When You Go on Vacation?


turn off HVAC system when you go on vacation?

Whether you’re planning a winter trip to a destination that’s close to or far from Bullhead City, Arizona, you need to know how to handle your HVAC system while you’re gone. Turning off your heating system entirely will leave your home far too chilly, but maintaining your usual heating schedule will only waste energy. Find out how to set your … Read More

4 Home Energy Savings Resolutions for the New Year


smart thermostat signifying energy savings resolutions for the New Year

Are you looking for New Year’s resolutions that will impact both your own Lake Havasu, Arizona, home, and the rest of the world? Work for the greater good by reducing your carbon footprint, minimizing energy use, and trimming your utility bills all at once with these resolutions. Here are four home energy savings resolutions to make this year: Resolution #1: … Read More

3 Natural Ways to Scent Your Home for the Holidays


natural ways to scent your home this holiday

In the Laughlin, Nevada, area, winter’s warmer temperatures rob homeowners of some of the season’s natural scents, like fresh snowfall or burning bonfires. If you’re looking for a way to make your home smell nice for the holidays, try these tricks. Mix it Up in the Slow Cooker A small slow cooker is a great tool for scenting your home naturally. … Read More

Smart Thermostat Ownership 101: How Smart Is Your Thermostat?


woman exploring smart thermostat ownership

Today’s thermostats are far more complex than those of the past. Programmable thermostats let you choose temperatures for each time of day and day of the week. With a smart thermostat, you can take your control further and adjust your thermostat remotely, analyze your habits, and allow the thermostat to suggest energy efficient settings based on previous usage. It’s never … Read More