How To Find A Good Las Vegas Air Conditioning Company

Choosing the right Las Vegas air conditioning contractor is just as important as choosing a good doctor. You may not believe us at first, but if you’ve experienced an air conditioning outage in July, you’ll start to understand what we’re saying. Air conditioning in the desert in summer is crucially important. That’s exactly why don’t need a “vendor” – you … Read More

Buying Property – Reducing Systems Risks

Buying a commercial, multi-use, or residential rental property comes with great risk for the potential buyer. Nowhere is that risk more prevalent than in the HVAC and plumbing systems in older buildings. The Insurance Journal points out that “Older buildings generate more claims than younger properties, especially if they have not been well-maintained or if their building systems have not … Read More

Top 10 Residential Plumbing Problems In Arizona

You know Ambient Edge is the leading residential furnace and air conditioning service provider in the area. But did you know we’ve also been providing expert plumbing repair for more than a decade? We’ve seen a lot – and could tell you stories about what can happen when your home’s plumbing isn’t functioning. Over the years, we’ve realized there are … Read More

When Your Kids Can’t Breathe – Check Your Indoor Air Quality

Most of us don’t think about breathing. It’s an automatic body function. But when a child has a bout of asthma, or if you suffer from spring allergies, breathing becomes something that we think a lot about. But have you given any thought lately to the quality of the air you’re breathing inside your home? Indoor Air Quality – A … Read More

What Should Be Included In A Las Vegas Air Conditioning Tune Up

A spring tune-up on your air conditioning unit is a mandatory part of home ownership in Las Vegas. When the desert temperature rises, you have a lot riding on the cooling relief from your home’s central air unit. Preventative maintenance could be the one thing that ensures you and your family will avoid a breakdown during the hottest months – … Read More

Reduce Interior Temperature With Energy-saving Ceiling Fans

In August, most of us find ourselves wishing for a cool, refreshing breeze. Ceiling fans are an efficient answer to the hot stillness that comes with summer in a desert climate. When the weather’s at its hottest, indoor ceiling fans can help you take the indoor ambient temperature down, freshen the air, and circulate a cool breeze. However, there are … Read More

Preparing Your A/C For Summer – Top 10 Las Vegas Air Conditioning Tips

Keeping cool in the desert isn’t about comfort – it’s about necessity. Soaring summer temperatures not only can make you uncomfortable; they can be dangerous, particularly for the elderly or infants. That’s why maintaining the health of your air conditioning unit is so important. We’ve assembled our top ten Las Vegas air conditioning tips for helping maximize the efficiency of … Read More

Do This One Thing To Reduce Spring Allergies In Arizona And Nevada

Indoor air quality starts with a well-maintained air conditioner. Even if you live in the southwest, spring allergies can wreak havoc on your comfort and lifestyle. The University of Arizona Health Sciences Center says allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, occurs in about 35% of the population in the southwest. Asthma sufferers make up about 10% of the population in our … Read More

Lower Your Heating/AC Bill With These Few Ideas

Winter and summer are the most expensive energy months of the year for homeowners. This is obvious to most homeowners, but there are many tricks to lowering your energy bills during these months that may not be as obvious. Below are some ideas that can dramatically reduce your energy consumption during the winter and summer months. Turn down your thermostat. … Read More

What Are Humidifiers And Dehumidifiers Used For And Do I Need One?

In this age of modern climate control, keeping your home the right temperature is as simple as pressing a button on your thermostat. A properly functioning heating and cooling system will keep your temperature and humidity level normal. Occasionally, you will need a little extra help in the moisture control department, especially in certain spaces or during extreme weather. Using humidifiers … Read More