Home Maintenance Checklist: 19 Ways to Get Ready for Fall

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Your home is one of your biggest investments. It represents a real estate investment as well as a little something for your future. Managing retirement is considerably easier when you own your home and don’t have to pay rent, but too often major repairs leave homeowners struggling. The culprit? Lack of maintenance. Too many people ignore the things they need … Read More

4 Ways Ventilation Matters in Keeping a Comfortable Home

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Did you know heat rises? Or that homes are built so tightly now that the air has nowhere to go? Think about boiling water or taking a hot bath without the exhaust fan running. Where does all that hot air go? What about the moisture in the air? The truth is that it collects in the high points of your … Read More

What’s Causing Your Cooling System to Fail? Check Out the Thermostat

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No matter how cutting edge the technology in your air conditioning or heating equipment may be, nor how meticulously maintained the system is, thermostat problems can prevent it from functioning properly. In addition to maintaining the desired temperature setting, the thermostat controls on and off function. Thermostat problems may be wrongly attributed to component failure in the furnace or air conditioner, … Read More

Did You Hear About the Changes to Water Heater Efficiency Standards?

In many households, water heating consumes a significant percentage of the annual energy budget. In response to the high energy demands and costs of residential water heating, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has mandated a series of changes to water heater efficiency. Here’s a brief description of those changes and what they’re likely to mean for both HVAC contractors … Read More

Window Condensation Signals an Indoor Humidity Issue

The Las Vegas area may be hot, but perhaps its most defining feature is that it’s very dry. It's for just this reason that many homeowners around here tend to be surprised when their homes begin to exhibit high humidity problems. Year-round window condensation is a sign your home has some issues. Paying attention to this sign can help you … Read More

5 Steps for Springtime HVAC Maintenance

Spring is here, and it’s time to think about getting into shape for summer. Don’t worry; we’re not talking about dropping pounds or hitting the gym. It’s time to get your air conditioning and HVAC maintenance done so your system is ready to work all season long. No matter where you are from Las Vegas to Kingman to Lake Havasu, … Read More

Pump up Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with These Projects

Almost half of all residential energy usage in the United States goes to heating and cooling. Almost 18 percent goes to heating water and the remaining 35 percent goes to electronics, lighting and appliances. There are many ways to reduce energy usage, from simple solutions like using energy-efficient lighting to more costly solutions like installing high-efficiency appliances. Energy Audits If … Read More