4 Surprising Sources of Volatile Organic Compounds

volatile organic compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are harmful chemicals emitted by many everyday products in your Las Vegas home. Learn some of the top sources of VOCs and how to manage these gases so you can breathe easy. Furniture and Carpet VOCs don’t start as gases. Instead, they vaporize over time, contributing to indoor air pollution. Some of the biggest sources of … Read More

Why Small Leaks Can Become Major Plumbing Problems

major plumbing problems

When it comes to plumbing, even small leaks can point to larger problems. Keep an eye out for these four minor issues in your Henderson home before they escalate into major plumbing problems. Running Toilet A number of issues can cause a toilet to run, including general wear and tear, mineral deposits, or a broken part. Get to the root … Read More

Why Your Lake Havasu Home Needs an Air Cleaner in Late Fall

air cleaner

Maintaining clean indoor air can be challenging no matter the time of year. In the fall, both seasonal factors and continual issues can compromise even the cleanest indoor air. Here’s how an air cleaner can benefit your family’s health and your Lake Havasu home this autumn. Traps the Smallest Particles Air cleaners and purifiers come in many varieties, some more … Read More

6 Signs Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Needs Attention

indoor air quality needs attention

Worried that you and your family are breathing in unhealthy air at home? Here are six signs that your Henderson home has poor indoor air quality, along with tips for handling each issue. HVAC Inefficiency Most newer air conditioning units bear Energy Star labels indicating that they meet or exceed government standards for energy efficiency. The corresponding Energy Guide labels … Read More

4 Ways to Save on Energy Costs in Autumn

save on energy

As hot summer days fade away, cooler temperatures are on the horizon in Arizona. Turn down the air conditioner in your Lake Havasu home and save on energy costs with these autumn tips. Control Sunlight and Shade When cooler temperatures roll around, you can almost get by without running the air conditioner—until the hot sun starts to warm up your … Read More

Volatile Organic Compounds: How to Eliminate Them From the Home

volatile organic compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be incredibly harmful to your family’s health, and you can’t escape them simply by going inside. Instead, it’s necessary to take measures to completely remove them from your environment. Here’s how to eliminate VOCs from your Las Vegas home. Benzene Though benzene and other VOCs are gases, they’re emitted by a range of solid and … Read More

4 Ways to Keep Comfortable as Fall Approaches

family keeping comfortable in the Fall

In the Henderson area, the transition from summer to fall means a welcome change from scorching temperatures to pleasantly warm days. As fall approaches, try these four ways to keep your home comfortable. Open the Windows Now that the days are becoming much more comfortable, it’s a great time to open the windows to let in some fresh air. Before … Read More

Why an Oversized HVAC System Is Bad News for Your Nevada Home

oversized HVAC system will wreck your bills

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to HVAC systems. Instead, the air conditioning system should be the perfect fit for the space. Find out why an oversized HVAC system is bad news for your Nevada home. Higher Utility Bills An experienced HVAC technician should have a solid understanding of how to design a high-functioning HVAC system that’s sized … Read More

Why You Need an Early Fall Energy Audit

energy audit and your bills

As summer cools off and fall approaches, most Kingman-area homeowners scale back their air conditioning usage to account for the change in temperature. It’s easy to assume that your house uses less energy for cooling in the fall, but wasted energy is a year-round problem. Here’s how an early fall energy audit can benefit you. Sealed Leaks Stop Air From … Read More

How an Air Purifier Can Help You Breathe Easy This Fall

air purifier and easy breathing in the fall

Homeowners in the Lake Havasu area are no strangers to allergies, even during the fall season. When spending time outside causes sniffling and sneezing, you want to make sure your indoor air is pure and fresh. Here’s how an air purifier can help you breathe easy this fall. Reduce Outdoor Allergens Whether you open the windows to let in the … Read More